Confident YOU Self Hypnosis mp3 audio Program

Nadeen Manuel

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Confident YOU $20 includes bonus track

Success, happiness and feeling accomplished are all result of confidence. Additionally, when you are confident you feel calm, accept yourself and believe in your abilities. Contrary to that when you don't feel confident, you can become stressed, anxious and finally unhappy.
Your full potential will also never be reached.
With the Nadeen’s hypnosis mp3 download - Confident YOU everything can be changed! This hypnotherapy audio recording has the power to tap into your unconscious to bring out traits and confidence you already have.
Change your mindset with hypnosis from an experienced hypnotherapist!
This program is about so much more than just confidence, you will also get powerful suggestions that will help you to:

Protect yourself from future self defeating thoughts
Truly heal and let go of your past and hurtful people
Take back ownership over your personal strength and powerful
Start enjoying activities with higher energy levels
Have peace of mind and personal validation in your relationships
Live the happy optimistic life that you deserve
Become the BEST version of YOU!
Boost your confidence permanently

BONUS Track! Confident YOU for SLEEP is designed to listen to in bed as you go to sleep at night. It is a duplicate of track one; however, Nadeen has changed the end of the program and gives you wonderful suggestions about getting a high quality and restful night’s sleep. Let Confident YOU put you to sleep and wake up feeling better than ever!